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The Corporate Citizen Foundation seeks to catalyse corporate collaboration to exercise collective corporate citizenry towards a better, safer and friendlier Asia. 

Sustainable development

Sustainable Development

Sustainable community development helps increase capacity and resilience of vulnerable communities through livelihood enhancement, risk reduction and disaster preparedness programmes.

Acute disaster response

About SEED

The CCF has established the Swift Emergency Evaluation Deployment (SEED) as the acute disaster first responder in the event of natural catastrophes. 

  • “The Corporate Citizen Foundation (CCF) is an interesting story with a unique plot and proposition – one which goes beyond the traditional CSR or corporate philanthropy initiatives. It adopts an alliance-driven approach, to proactively, collectively and personally address real humanitarian issues in the region.”

    Ong Ye Kung, Minister for Education and Senior Minister of State for Defence
  • “Beyond governments and NGOs, corporations can make important contributions in disaster response. Our corporate sector has been and still is an important source of donations. But our companies are also increasingly a source of specialised resources and skills, organisational capacity and rich contacts.

    Disasters are a fact of life in the region, like they are globally. CCF pulls together a good team of companies with complementary strengths and resources to play this role.”

    Tharman Shanmugaratnam, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister for Finance and Chairman of the International Monetary and Financial Committee of the IMF
  • “The foundation’s mission is to improve capacity and resilience of vulnerable regional communities through collective and constructive corporate collaborations.”

    Chairman Lim Choo Leng, CCF
  • “At Pacific Flight Services, we are acutely aware of the tight race we are running in times of natural disasters. Within two hours of activation, we are able to convert our aircraft into flying ambulances, complete with a two-person medical team… we are confident of working closely with the partners involved to ensure swift and efficient deployment for SEED operations.”

    Loke Geok Wan, General Manager, Pacific Flight Services
  • “CCF is a platform for private corporations to exercise our corporate citizenry more proactively, constructively and collectively.  In short – to do good, better, together.

    Chairman Lim Choo Leng, CCF
  • “MediaCorp will commit its reporting resources, expertise and experience to ensure audiences around the region get accurate, contextual and timely reports from ground zero of natural disasters. These reports will hopefully help governments, humanitarian agencies and the public at large have a better grasp of the situation at ground zero and make informed assessments of the assistance critically needed.”

    Walter Fernandez, Editor-in-Chief, News, MediaCorp
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Swift Emergency Evaluation Deployment (SEED)

Recognising that the Asian region plays host to 70% of the world’s natural disasters, the CCF has established the SEED as the acute disaster first responder in the event of natural catastrophes. SEED brings together reputable and experienced corporations to commit their assets for disaster response.

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